Power Supplies for 16 CCTV – Option 4

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12 VDC / 10Amp to 12Amp SMPS in metal Cabinet

Input: 100VAC-275VAC

Input 3pin cord on LNE

Power Supplies for 16 CCTV – Option 4
  • A 12V DC/ 10Amp to 12Amp 16 CCTV SMPS
  • Also available in a metal cabinet.
  • Has an input of 3 Pin Cord on LNE available.
  • Also has an Output of 4 terminals available.
  • Comes with multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Also has a CCCV circuit with a wall mounting bracket.
  • These power supplies are designed to provide all the power requirements for CCTV.
  • Designed to operate for a wider AC Input range (100 – 300VAC) and to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.
  • High-frequency switching technology makes them highly reliable, cost-effective, and compact in size, and light in weight.


What is a 12VDC 10Amp to 12Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet?
A 12VDC 10Amp to 12Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet is a power supply system that includes one or more switched-mode power supplies capable of providing a stable 12-volt DC output voltage with a total current capacity ranging from 10 to 12 amperes. These power supplies are enclosed within a metal cabinet for protection and organization.

What are the primary applications for a high-current SMPS system like this?
This type of power supply system is commonly used in applications that require a substantial and reliable 12-volt DC power source, such as powering large LED displays, high-power motors, industrial automation equipment, or server racks with multiple devices.

How should I properly distribute power from this SMPS system within the metal cabinet?
The metal cabinet typically has multiple output terminals or channels. Connect the input side of the SMPS system to your AC power source, and then distribute the 12-volt DC power to various devices, circuits, or distribution panels within the cabinet. Follow best practices for wiring and adhere to safety guidelines.

Why is the metal cabinet an important component of this setup?
The metal cabinet serves several crucial functions, including providing physical protection for the SMPS units, organizing and securing the power supply components, dissipating heat generated by the units, and shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) to prevent interference with nearby electronic equipment.

What safety precautions should I take when installing and operating this high-current SMPS system?
Safety is of utmost importance when working with high-current electrical equipment. Follow standard electrical safety practices, such as proper grounding, using suitable wiring techniques, and adhering to the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Implement measures to safeguard against overcurrent conditions, such as employing circuit protection devices, and ensure that the system operates within its specified limits to prevent overheating or damage.

CCTV Power Supply
Part Code MRE08c
Output Voltage 12V
Feature Preset(11-15V Adjustment) LED indication for Overload
Input/Output Plug Input : Screw terminal Output : 3 Screw Terminal
Dimension L-170mm X w-103mm X H-70mm

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