Battery Backup for File Alarm System Power Supply

MRE is the manufacturer of Battery backup for the Fire Alarm System power supply. Manufacturers and suppliers of power supplies and supplying all over India. Our Battery Backup for Fire Alarm is available in 3 models. It also comes in a wide input range. These Battery backups also come with LED indication and wall mounting bracket.


What is the purpose of a battery backup for a fire alarm system power supply?
A battery backup for a fire alarm system power supply serves as a secondary power source that activates when the primary AC power source fails. Its primary purpose is to ensure the continuous operation of the fire alarm system during power outages or interruptions, guaranteeing that the system can function when it is needed most.

How long does the battery backup typically last during a power outage?
The backup duration of a battery backup system for a fire alarm depends on various factors, including the capacity of the batteries, the power consumption of the fire alarm components, and whether the system is actively alarming or in standby mode. Backup times can range from a few hours to multiple days, with larger battery systems offering longer protection.

Do I need a specific type of battery for a fire alarm system backup?
Yes, it is crucial to use batteries specifically designed for fire alarm system backups. These batteries are typically sealed lead-acid (SLA) or nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries that are highly reliable and designed to meet the requirements of fire safety codes and standards. Using the wrong type of battery can compromise the system’s performance and safety.

How often should the batteries in a fire alarm system backup be replaced?
The frequency of battery replacement in a fire alarm system backup depends on several factors, including the type of batteries used, their capacity, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, batteries should be inspected regularly, and they may need replacement every 3 to 5 years to ensure reliable backup power.

Are there any maintenance tasks or tests required for a battery backup system in a fire alarm system?
Yes, regular maintenance and testing are essential for a fire alarm system battery backup to ensure its functionality. Common maintenance tasks include visual inspections of battery terminals, checking for signs of corrosion, and cleaning as needed. Periodic load testing is also recommended to verify that the batteries can provide the required backup power when necessary. Compliance with local fire codes and regulations regarding testing and maintenance is essential.

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