Lock & Key Type CCTV Power Supply

MRE provides Lock & Key Type CCTV power supply for 4, 8, and 16 channels. It provides accurate stabilivolt and also comes in a wide input range. It comes in a wall mounting type and also has a CCCV circuit.


1. What is a lock and key type CCTV power supply, and how does it work?
A lock and key type CCTV power supply is a security feature designed to restrict unauthorized access to the power source for your CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system. It typically consists of a lockable enclosure that houses the power supply unit. A key is required to unlock and access the power supply, ensuring only authorized personnel can control the power.

2. Why is it important to use a lock and key type power supply for CCTV systems?
Lock and key type power supplies enhance security by preventing tampering or unauthorized shutdown of your CCTV cameras and recording equipment. This added layer of protection helps ensure uninterrupted surveillance, especially in critical security applications.

3. What types of CCTV power supplies are available with lock and key mechanisms?
Lock and key mechanisms are often available in various power supply types, including linear power supplies and switch-mode power supplies. The choice depends on the specific power requirements of your CCTV system.

4. Can I use a lock and key type power supply in outdoor CCTV installations?
Yes, you can use lock and key type power supplies in outdoor CCTV installations, provided they are housed in weatherproof enclosures to protect them from the elements. Outdoor CCTV power supplies often come with additional security features to withstand harsh conditions and vandalism.

5. Are lock and key type CCTV power supplies compatible with different camera models and brands?
Lock and key type power supplies are generally compatible with various CCTV camera models and brands, as they provide standard DC voltage outputs. However, it’s essential to check the voltage and current requirements of your specific cameras to ensure compatibility with the power supply’s specifications.

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