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Introducing our range of wall-mounted power adapters, specifically designed for convenient and efficient power supply to a variety of devices in India. With options such as DC12V-2A, DC12V-1A, DC12V-3A, DCV-1A, DC48V-0.5A, DC5V-1A, DC5V-1A, DC5V-2A, and DC5V-3A, we cater to diverse power requirements.
Our wall-mounted power adapters are carefully crafted to prioritize space-saving. You can effortlessly mount them onto any standard electrical outlet or wall surface, ensuring hassle-free installation. Whether you need a DC12V-2A, DC12V-1A, DC12V-3A, DCV-1A, DC48V-0.5A, DC5V-1A, DC5V-1A, DC5V-2A, or DC5V-3A adapter, our collection has you covered.”


1. What is a wall-mounted power adapter?
A wall-mounted power adapter is a device that plugs into a wall outlet and provides power to electronic devices through one or more output ports. It is designed to be attached to a wall, freeing up floor or desk space and often including multiple USB ports or AC outlets for convenient charging and powering of devices.

2. How do I install a wall-mounted power adapter?
Installing a wall-mounted power adapter typically involves attaching it to a suitable wall surface using screws and anchors provided in the package. Ensure that the wall surface can support the weight of the adapter and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully. It’s advisable to hire a professional if you are uncertain about installation.

3. Can I replace a regular power strip with a wall-mounted power adapter?
Yes, you can replace a regular power strip with a wall-mounted power adapter for a neater and more space-efficient solution. However, make sure that the wall-mounted adapter is rated to handle the devices you intend to plug in. Consider factors like voltage, current, and the number of outlets or USB ports to ensure it meets your needs.

4. Are wall-mounted power adapters safe to use?
Wall-mounted power adapters are generally safe when used as directed. Ensure that you install them securely and that the adapter is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or ETL (Intertek) certified for safety. Avoid overloading the adapter with too many devices, which can cause overheating and pose a fire hazard.

5. Can I use a wall-mounted power adapter for outdoor applications?
Some wall-mounted power adapters are designed for outdoor use and are weather-resistant. These are suitable for powering outdoor lights, security cameras, or other devices. However, always check the product specifications to ensure it is rated for outdoor use and follow any guidelines for installation and protection from the elements.

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