Adapters for Barcode Scanner

“MRE specializes in manufacturing power adapters for barcode scanners, offering a comprehensive range of options to suit various power requirements. Our adapters are available in 5V 1A and 5V 2A configurations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of barcode scanners. Designed to cater to the power needs of barcode scanner applications, our adapters provide efficient power delivery ranging from 5W to 10W.
With a focus on versatility, our barcode scanner adapters feature a wide input range, accommodating different power sources. Whether you need to power a handheld or desktop barcode scanner, our adapters are designed to meet the specific power requirements of the application. MRE ensures that our adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing reliable performance and durability”


1. What is a barcode scanner adapter, and why might I need one?
A barcode scanner adapter is a device that allows you to connect a barcode scanner to a computer or mobile device. You may need one if your barcode scanner and device have different types of connectors or interfaces, ensuring seamless communication between the two.

2. Can I use a regular USB cable as an adapter for my barcode scanner?
No, a regular USB cable is not an adapter for a barcode scanner. Barcode scanners often require specialized adapters or cables designed for data transmission and power supply. Using an incompatible cable can lead to communication issues or incorrect power delivery.

3. What types of connectors or interfaces are common for barcode scanner adapters?
Common connectors or interfaces for barcode scanner adapters include USB, Bluetooth, RS-232 (serial), and wireless connections. The choice depends on the barcode scanner model and the compatibility with your computer or mobile device.

4. How do I choose the right barcode scanner adapter for my setup?
To select the appropriate barcode scanner adapter, consider the type of barcode scanner you have and its compatibility with your computer or mobile device. Ensure that the adapter supports the necessary interface and power requirements of your scanner. Reading the barcode scanner’s user manual or consulting the manufacturer can provide valuable guidance.

5. Can I use a wireless barcode scanner without an adapter?
Yes, some wireless barcode scanners communicate directly with a computer or mobile device via built-in wireless technology (e.g., Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). In such cases, you may not need a separate adapter. However, for wired barcode scanners or devices without built-in wireless capabilities, you’ll likely require a compatible adapter to establish a connection.

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