SMPS Manufacturers in Bangalore

 MRE is recognized as the leading manufacturer of industrial switching power supplies in India. Our headquarter is located in Mumbai  Our product range includes AC/DC & DC/DC standard Power supplies And Adapters, PFC, open frame, battery charger, din rail, LED driver and custom-design switching power supplies, CCTV Power supplies you can check our products by clicking our Products menu containing over 1000 models with a great variety.                                                                                    

MRE products are made in India. And we provide personal, unsurpassed customer service. Today, MRE has been acknowledged as one of the leading SMPS Power adapter manufacturers in India. With the best-in-class and highly durable product range, we have now become one of the largest power supply manufacturers in India.


We focus on making power supplies that will last. You may find power supplies that are cheaper than ours, but you won’t find any that are built as well or last as long. All too often, low-priced SMPS power supplies are densely packed, run hot, have short lifetimes, and have short warranties. Although comparatively, we will provide you the best price in the Market 

Custom Power Solutions—Any Way You Want

Because our power supplies are made in India, we have complete control over the manufacturing process. If a standard power supply does not meet all of your requirements, consult with our engineers to build a power supply or multiple output power systems with the operating features you specify.

Live Sales Associate

We don’t outsource our sales and service either! Each call is answered by a knowledgeable MRE sales associate, located at our Mumbai headquarters, from 10 Am-7 pm.

We let you talk to the Engineers

Need technical guidance from one of our power supply experts? No problem. Our engineers are happy to talk to customers. Call us today to get the best deal.

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