Adapters for Kid's Toys

MRE, a leading manufacturer of adapters for kids toys in Mumbai, presents a diverse range of high-quality options to power your little ones’ playtime. Our power adapters are available in DC12V-1A, DC24V-1A, and DC5V-1A configurations, ensuring compatibility with various toys. Designed with the industrial standards of use in mind, our adapters meet the highest safety and quality requirements.
To suit your specific needs, our kid’s toy adapters come in both 2-pin and 3-pin options, providing flexibility in usage. With a focus on efficiency, durability, and stability, our adapters guarantee a reliable power supply for your children’s toys. They boast a wide input range and precise stabilivolt technology, ensuring consistent performance even under varying power conditions.


1. What is a toy adapter, and why might I need one for my child’s toys?
A toy adapter is a device used to power children’s toys that require electrical energy. You may need one if your child’s toy uses batteries and you want to reduce ongoing battery costs or if you want to provide a more consistent power source for their electronic toys.

2. Can I use any power adapter for my child’s toy, or does it need to be a specific one?
It’s essential to use the specific adapter recommended by the toy’s manufacturer. Using an incompatible adapter can damage the toy, pose safety hazards, or void any warranties. If you’ve lost the original adapter, contact the manufacturer or check the toy’s user manual for guidance on finding a suitable replacement.

3. Are there safety considerations when using toy adapters?
Yes, safety is crucial when using toy adapters. Ensure that the adapter meets safety standards, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification, and provides the correct voltage and current for the toy. Keep the adapter away from water or other liquids, and teach your child not to play with or damage the adapter.

4. Can I find universal adapters for a variety of kids’ toys?
While universal adapters exist for some electronic toys, they may not be suitable for all toys due to differences in voltage, polarity, and connector types. It’s best to check with the toy’s manufacturer for any compatible universal adapters, as they can provide guidance on safe and appropriate options.

5. Is it safe to leave toys plugged in with an adapter continuously?
It’s generally safe to leave toys plugged in with an adapter continuously, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for usage. However, it’s essential to unplug the toy when not in use to conserve energy and minimize the risk of electrical hazards. Additionally, ensure that cords and adapters are kept out of your child’s reach to prevent accidents.

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