Power Supplies for 16 CCTV- Option 5

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  • 12 VDC / 10Amp to 12Amp SMPS in metal Cabinet
  • Input: 100VAC-300VAC
  • Input 2pin or 3pin Detachable cord
Power Supplies for 16 CCTV – Option 5
  • A 12V DC / 16 camera power supply.
  • Connection 1 camera on 1 terminal.
  • Has an Input of 2 or 3 Pin Detachable cord available.
  • Also has an Output of 16 terminals for 16 cameras available.
  • Comes with multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Also has a CCCV circuit with a wall mounting keyhole.
  • Provides all the power requirements for CCTV.
  • Designed to operate for a wider AC Input range (100 – 300VAC)
  • Also made to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.
  • Designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable and cost-effective.
  • Is also compact in size, and light in weight.


What is the purpose of a 12VDC 10Amp to 12Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet for 16 CCTV cameras?
This power supply system is designed to provide a stable 12-volt DC output voltage with a current capacity ranging from 10 to 12 amperes, making it suitable for powering up to 16 Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in a centralized and organized manner.

What are the advantages of using a centralized power supply for multiple CCTV cameras?
Centralized power supplies simplify installation, reduce cable clutter, and improve system reliability by providing a single power source for multiple cameras. They also make maintenance and troubleshooting more manageable as all power connections are housed within the metal cabinet.

How should I connect and distribute power to the 16 CCTV cameras using this SMPS system?
Within the metal cabinet, you will typically find multiple output terminals or channels. Connect the input side of the SMPS system to an AC power source, and then distribute the 12-volt DC power to each CCTV camera using appropriate wiring and connectors. Ensure that the total current draw from all cameras does not exceed the SMPS system’s maximum capacity.

Is electromagnetic interference (EMI) a concern in CCTV applications with this type of power supply?
EMI can potentially impact the performance of sensitive electronic equipment like CCTV cameras. While the metal cabinet helps mitigate EMI to some extent, it’s essential to use high-quality cables, maintain proper grounding, and consider additional EMI shielding if necessary to ensure optimal camera performance.

What safety precautions should I take when installing and using this SMPS system for CCTV cameras?
Safety is paramount when working with electrical equipment. Follow proper grounding practices, use appropriate wiring techniques, and adhere to safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. To prevent overloading the SMPS system, confirm that the total current drawn by all connected CCTV cameras does not exceed the system’s rated capacity. Additionally, consider incorporating surge protection to safeguard against voltage spikes or electrical surges that could potentially damage your equipment.

CCTV Power Supply
Part Code MRE08d
Output Voltage 12V
Feature 1st PCB -1 to 8 2nd PCB -9 to 16 If 1st PCB fails only 8 cameras connected to it will fail,Rest 8 cameras will be functional
Input/Output Plug Input : 3 Pin cord Output: 16 Screw Terminals
Dimension L-188mm X w-185mm X H-44mm

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