12V 5A For 4 Channel DVR SMPS + 4CCTV SMPS +12V 7.2Ah

Model No.: MRE13c

  • Rated Output (Max):  13.8V/5.8A, 80W
  • Uninterruptible PSU
  • Metal Case with Key-lock
  • 80% High efficiency
  • Full Protection
  • No delay battery boot up
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • Works with different optional modules
12V 5A For 4 Channel DVR SMPS + 4CCTV SMPS+12V 7.2Ah
  • MRE13c is a UPS power supply, its main output is 13.8V / 5.8A.
  • It also provides an extra maximum 0.7A charge current.
  • The PSU is designed based on the 80W level.
  • It can also be used for CCTV surveillance/access control/fire alarm and other security systems.
  • The input range available for this model is 100VAC-300VAC.
  • The input is a 3 Pin detachable cord.
  • The output available is 4 terminals + 4 ON/OFF (short links) + 4 Resettable Fuse + 4 Power On LED indications.
  • This model comes with 5Kv Surge Protection Inbuilt.
  • It also comes with wall mounting and multiple LED indications for better use.
Model No. MRE13c
Output Voltage 12V
Input Voltage 100VAC – 275 VAC
Input Connector 3 Pin cord
Output Connector 4 Terminal + 4ON/OFF + 4 Resettable Fuse + 4 Power on LED Indication.
Battery specification 12VDC 7.2 AH x 2 Inbuilt Batteries
LED Indication Power on & Battery Backup: bi-colour (Green & Red) LED indication. Battery Charge Yellow LED Indication Low Battery Red LED Indication & Cutoff at 10.5V.
Mounting Wall Mounting
Feature CCCV Circuit
Dimension 230mm(L) X 75mm(W) X 311mm(H
Application CCTV + DVR


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