4 Channel Camera Power Supply

4 channel cctv power supply

What is a Camera power supply?


Camera Power Supply is used for basic operational use. Without a power supply, the camera cannot function. The power supply of cameras should be uninterrupted and smooth, otherwise, there can be problems in the functioning of the camera.

The power supply of the camera can be of different volts depending on usage. The voltage of the camera power supply mostly ranges between 12V to 24V. It can switch between AC and DC that is Alternate Current and Direct Current depending on type and usage.

In analog cameras with modern installations, the power supply is centralized. That means the power supply is evenly distributed to all the cameras. In CCTV cameras, the highest and lowest voltage is of utmost importance. The voltage fluctuations have to be taken care of or else, the camera functioning might take a back step.

How to choose the correct camera power supply?


Always choose a power supply that is 80% of maximum capacity. Overloading the capacity will lead to short circuits or damage the camera systems. Choose your power supply looking for the amperage of the camera which is usually mentioned on the label itself.

What MRE provides – 


At MRE, the motive is to provide prompt service and aim at 100% customer satisfaction. The engineers at MRE customize the products according to customers’ use. Since we are the manufacturing company, the quality is always twice checked. MRE is a brand known for its quality, high efficiency, and BIS-approved products.

Other than Camera Power Supply, MRE also delivers a wide range of Power Adapters, up to 16 channel CCTV Power Supply, POE Switches, POE Adapters, POE Injectors, Tufting gun adapter, Battery backups, DC to DC and AC to DC power supply, and many other applications.

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