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16 Channel CCTV Power Supply

16 channel cctv power supply

16 channel CCTV power supply is used for connecting 16 CCTV’s all at once. The 16 channel CCTV power supply is being designed to operate on a wider input range of 100 VAC – 275 VAC.

MRE manufactures a high-quality 16 channel CCTV power supply. The products manufactured in MRE are designed to focus on industrial standards of use. Our main aspect is providing products that are durable, user-friendly, light-weight, and cost-effective.

The 16 channel CCTV power supply manufactured in MRE is created with over-temperature protection, over current, and over-voltage protection. Packed with features, this 16 channel CCTV power supply also suits Indian power outage situations.

Thanks to its shock resistance technology, this 16 channel CCTV power supply is affordable, high in proficiency, and low in energy consumption. These features make this product of MRE one of the largest selling products overall.

Other than CCTV power supply, we also manufacture products like battery backups, power adapters, rainproof power supply, and many other applications.

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