DC 12V Adapter

What is DC 12V adapter?

DC 12V adapters are compact in size, easy to use and is adjustable with adverse power outage situations. The
DC 12v adapters designed by MRE is cost effective, reliable and low in energy consumption. This adapter is one the most commonly used power supplies today. This power supply is available in both AC and DC. It is a low voltage power supply, which makes these adapters easy and safe to use.

Where is DC 12V adapters used?

DC 12v adapters are supplies whose input range lies between 100 to 220V. These 12V DC’s are generally used in
devices like LED TV’s, Audio gears, Desktops and Hard drives. It can also be used in Battery backups of both internal and external models. This DC 12V adapter is usually compact in size and multi-protected against over-loading, over-current, over-heating and short circuit.

How to choose the correct power supply?

A 12V DC adapter will connect to a 12V DC device. Do not try to connect the device with a lower or higher voltage.
Connecting to a lower voltage may cause your device to work inappropriately and connecting to a higher voltage increases the risk of short circuits. However, an Amperage can be lower than needed. For example, a 12V 3A adapter can be connected to a device whose amp is lower than 3Amp. In this case the device will work fine. A lower amperage device can take up the load. It is always advisable to connect your device with a rounded amp like 3Amp, 4Amp, or 5Amp.

What MRE provides –

MRE provides DC 12V adapter which is equipped with 50-60 Hz and 5V output voltage which gives high stability and efficiency. MRE is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to power adapters and power supplies. All the products are BIS approved and made keeping in mind the industrial standards of use. The DC 12V adapters manufactured by MRE are of high quality and long durability.

Need assistance?

The voltage of the adapters depends on the device. In MRE, we provide assistance in regards to your queries. Since we are in-house manufacturers, we also customize adapters according to your requirements.

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