Redundant Power Supply – 12V 1.25A

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  • 12VDC / 1.25 Amp Smps in Metal Cabinet
  • Input : 100VAC – 300 VAC
  • Input 2 pin cord
  • Output 1 Terminal
Redundant Power Supply – 12V 1.25A
  • The word redundant means twice or doubled or backed up if one power supply fails the other will pick up or start automatically.
  • It has a Wall Mounting bracket with a CCCV circuit.
  • Comes with 2 Red LED lights.
  • Both the lights glow together, but in case one power supply fails, the LED light shuts down.
  • Input voltage available – 100VAC – 300VAC.
  • Output voltage available – 12VDC.
  • The input connector available is a 2 Pin cord and the output connector available is 1 terminal.


What is a 12VDC/1.25 Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet redundant power supply, and why is it used in various applications?
A 12VDC/1.25 Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet redundant power supply is a device designed to provide a stable 12-volt direct current (DC) output with a maximum current capacity of 1.25 amps. It is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including electronics and automation, to ensure a reliable and redundant power source.

What does “redundant power supply” mean in this context, and why is it important for critical applications?/strong>
In this context, “redundant power supply” refers to having two or more power sources available, with automatic failover mechanisms. Redundancy is crucial for critical applications because it minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted operation in case of a power source failure.

How is the 12VDC/1.25 Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet typically installed and connected in applications requiring redundancy?
Installation involves mounting the metal cabinet securely and wiring it to the devices or systems that require power. The redundant power supply is configured to automatically switch between power sources in the event of a failure, ensuring continuous operation.

What happens if one of the power sources fails in the redundant power supply system, and how quickly does it switch to the backup source?
In the event of a power source failure, the redundant power supply system should switch to the backup source automatically and typically within milliseconds. This rapid switch ensures minimal disruption to critical operations.

Are there any maintenance or testing requirements for the 12VDC/1.25 Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet redundant power supply to ensure its reliability?
Regular maintenance includes inspecting the power supply for physical damage, checking for loose connections, and ensuring that it operates within its specified temperature and voltage range. Periodic testing of the failover functionality should also be performed to confirm that the power supply can seamlessly switch between power sources during any potential failures.

Model No. MRE17
Output Voltage 12VDC / 1.25 Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC – 300 VAC
Input Connector 2 pin cord.
Output Connector 1 Terminal
LED Indication 2 RED LED's given when connected both the LED's will glow in case of failure of 1 power supply 1 LED will Switch off.
Mounting Wall Mounting Bracket
Feature CCCV Circuit Current Limit at 1.4 Amp.
Dimension 94 mm(L) X 75 mm(W) X 42mm(H).

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