2U Rack Mounted Power supply – Fire Alarm

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  • 24VDC  2 to 5Amp Battery Backup 
  • Input: 100VAC – 300VAC
  • Input 3pin Cord
  • 4 Terminal for CCTV output 
2U Rack Mounted Power Supply – Fire Alarm
  • A 24VDC/2Amp to 5Amp Battery backup
  • Available in Internal Battery Model.
  • Also comes in a wide input range of 100VAC – 300VAC
  • The input available for this power supply is a 3 pin cord.
  • It also has an output of a 4-way terminal or DC cable.
  • Comes in a CCCV circuit.
  • Also has LED indications for easy usage.


What is a 2U rack-mounted power supply for a fire alarm system, and what is its primary purpose?
A 2U rack-mounted power supply for a fire alarm system is a device designed to provide electrical power to the components of a fire alarm system. It is mounted in a standard 2U rack space and ensures that the fire alarm system remains operational even in the event of a power outage.

What are the key advantages of using a rack-mounted power supply for fire alarms compared to other mounting options?
Rack-mounted power supplies are space-efficient and designed to fit into standard 19-inch equipment racks. They provide a neat and organized solution for power distribution in larger fire alarm systems, making it easier to manage and maintain the system components.

What is the typical voltage and current rating for a 2U rack-mounted power supply used in fire alarm systems?
The voltage and current rating can vary depending on the specific power supply model and the requirements of the connected fire alarm components. Common voltage ratings include 12VDC and 24VDC, while the current rating can range from a few amperes (A) to several amperes, depending on the size and complexity of the fire alarm system.

Is it possible to integrate battery backup capabilities into a 2U rack-mounted power supply for fire alarms?
Yes, many rack-mounted power supplies for fire alarms can be integrated with battery backup systems to ensure continued operation during power outages. Battery backup options enhance the reliability of the fire alarm system, ensuring it remains functional when needed most.

What installation and maintenance considerations should be taken into account when using a 2U rack-mounted power supply for fire alarms?
Proper installation involves securely mounting the power supply in the 2U rack space, connecting it to the fire alarm components following manufacturer instructions, and ensuring proper ventilation for heat dissipation. Regular maintenance includes checking for loose connections, inspecting for signs of wear or damage, and testing the power supply’s functionality to ensure it remains in optimal working condition.

Mounting Type
Model No. MRE25d
Output Voltage 24VDC / 2 to 5 Amp Battery Backup
Input Voltage 100VAC – 300VAC
Input Connector 3 Pin Cord
Output Connector 4 way Terminal or DC Cable.
LED Indication
Mounting Rack mounted
Feature CCCV Circuit
Dimension 500mm(L) X 250mm(W) X 88mm(H)

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