Fire Alarm System Power Supply – Option 3

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  • 24 VDC / 5Amp SMPS in metal Cabinet
  • Input: 100VAC-275VAC
  • Input 3 pin cord on LNE
  • Output 4 terminal
Fire Alarm System Power supply – Option 3
  • A 24VDC/5Amp Fire alarm SMPS
  • Also available in a metal cabinet.
  • Comes in an output voltage of 22V-27V (preset to adjust voltage)
  • The input connect available is a 3 Pin cord on LNE.
  • Also has an output of 4 terminals.
  • Comes in a CCCV circuit with a wall mounting bracket.
  • Also has multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Designed to provide all the power requirements for fire alarm.
  • Also made to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.


What is a 24VDC/5Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet for a fire alarm system power supply, and why is it important in fire safety applications?
A 24VDC/5Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet is a specialized power supply unit designed to provide a stable 24-volt direct current (DC) output with a maximum current capacity of 5 amps for fire alarm systems. It is crucial to ensure that fire alarm components, such as detectors, control panels, and notification devices, receive a reliable power source for their operation, contributing to fire safety.

What distinguishes a metal cabinet for a fire alarm power supply, and why is it preferred in certain applications
Metal cabinets offer durability and protection against physical damage, tampering, and environmental factors. They provide a secure enclosure for sensitive electrical components, ensuring the reliability of the fire alarm system even in challenging conditions.

How is a 24VDC/5Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet typically installed and connected within a fire alarm system?
Installation involves mounting the metal cabinet securely, usually within the fire alarm control panel enclosure or a designated location. It is connected to the mains power source and then wired to the various fire alarm devices, including control panels, detectors, strobes, and sirens, ensuring that the voltage and current requirements match the system’s specifications.

Can a 24VDC/5Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet be configured with battery backup for added reliability during power outages?
Yes, many metal cabinet power supplies for fire alarms can be integrated with battery backup systems. This feature ensures that the fire alarm system continues to function during power interruptions, maintaining critical fire safety measures.

What are the recommended maintenance procedures and testing protocols for a 24VDC/5Amp SMPS in a metal cabinet for a fire alarm power supply to ensure its reliability?
Regular maintenance includes inspecting the power supply and cabinet for physical damage, checking for loose connections, and verifying that the power supply operates within its specified temperature and voltage range. Periodic testing, such as load testing and battery backup tests (if applicable), should be conducted to confirm that the power supply can meet the fire alarm system’s requirements during emergencies.

Model No. MRE16b
Output Voltage 24VDC / 5Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC – 275 VAC
Input Connector 3 Pin cord on LNE
Output Connector 4 way Terminal
LED Indication RED LED indicates OVER LOAD Please reduce the load if RED LED glows.
Mounting Wall Mounting Bracket
Feature CCCV Circuit
Dimension 170mm(L) X 103mm(W) X 70mm(H)

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