24VDC – 3A SMPS Power Supply Hooter

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These power supplies are designed to provide all the power requirements for power supply for hooters in fire alarms. They have been designed to operate for wider AC Input range (100 – 264VAC) and to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.

Power Supply for Hooter
  • 24VDC – 3A SMPS in Metal cabinet.
  • Small size switch with wide-voltage input and accurate stabilivolt.
  • This power supply provides multi-protection against over-loading and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit and over-heating.
  • 100% over-loading aging test and surge protection guaranteed.
  • High efficiency, Long life, and also provides great stability.
  • Easy to use with nice design and also has simple maintenance.
  • CCCV Circuit.
  • Green LED indicates power On and RED LED indicates Over-Load.


What is a 24VDC – 3A SMPS Power Supply Hooter, and what is its purpose?
A 24VDC – 3A SMPS Power Supply Hooter is a power supply device designed to provide a regulated 24-volt DC output at 3 amperes of current. Its primary purpose is to supply power to hooters, sirens, or alarm systems that require a 24V DC power source. These devices are commonly used for signaling and alerting in industrial and security applications.

Can I use this power supply hooter for other devices that require a different voltage or current rating?
It’s crucial to match the voltage and current specifications of the power supply with the requirements of the connected device. Using a 24VDC – 3A power supply with devices that have different voltage or current requirements may damage the device and the power supply. Always use the appropriate power supply for each device to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Is the 24VDC – 3A SMPS Power Supply Hooter suitable for outdoor use?
Some power supply hooters are designed for outdoor use and are built to withstand environmental conditions like moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations. Check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to determine if the specific model you have is suitable for outdoor installations.

What safety features should I look for when choosing a power supply hooter?
When selecting a power supply hooter, consider safety features such as short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and overtemperature protection. These features help prevent damage to the power supply and connected devices in case of electrical faults or excessive heat.

How can I determine the appropriate power supply hooter for my alarm system or hooter device?
To choose the right power supply hooter, you should consider the voltage and current requirements of your hooter or alarm system. Ensure that the power supply can provide the necessary voltage (in this case, 24V) and at least the required current (in this case, 3A). If in doubt, consult the device manufacturer’s specifications or seek assistance from a professional installer to ensure compatibility and safe operation.

Internal/External Battery
Input Voltage 100VAC - 275VAC
Output Voltage 22V - 27V
Over Current Protection
Short-circuit Protection
Surge Protection
Individually PTC auto reset fuses protected output with LED

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