Power Supplies for Access Control and Magnetic Lock- Option 2

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  • 12VDC / 2.5Amp Battery Backup in Table Top
  • Input: 100VAC – 300VAC
  • Input 3 Pin Cord
  • Output 1- connect Battery 
  • Output 2- connect the main unit
  • A 12VDC/ 2.5 Amp Battery Backup in external battery model.
  • Also available in tabletop.
  • Input available in 3 Pin cord.
  • Also available in 2 output connects.
  • Output 1 – connects the battery, Output 2 – connects the main unit.
  • Also comes with multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Designed to provide all the power requirements for access control and magnetic lock.
  • Coms in a wide AC input range of 100 – 264VAC.
  • Also made to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.


What is the function of an Access Control and Magnetic Lock Power Supply, and how does it vary from other options?
A Power Supply for Access Control and Magnetic Lock is intended to power access control and magnetic lock systems. Within this power supply category, the designation may reflect specific characteristics, capacities, or configurations. The variations will be determined by the manufacturer’s design.

What are the common voltage and current output ratings for power supply, and how can I select the one that is best for my system?
Power supply voltage and current ratings can differ. To select the best one, match the voltage output to the needs of your access control and magnetic lock components. Consider the current capacity as well to ensure that it can give enough power to all connected devices.

Are power supplies compatible with both DC and AC magnetic locks, or are they only suitable for one?
Power supply may be compatible with both DC and AC magnetic locks, however compatibility varies by model and manufacturer. To ensure compatibility with your chosen magnetic locks, study the product specs and consult with the manufacturer.

What are the backup power options available with power supplies for access control systems?
Backup power options can include features like battery backup or integration with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Backup power is essential for maintaining access control and security during power outages. Evaluate the backup power capabilities of the power supply to ensure it meets your system’s needs.

What safety and protection features should I look for when selecting a Power Supply for Access Control and Magnetic Lock?
When choosing a power supply for security systems, consider features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal protection. These safeguards help protect your equipment and maintain system reliability, especially during unforeseen electrical events.

Model No. MRE12a
Output Voltage 12VDC / 2.5 Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC – 300 VAC
Input Connector Input 3 Pin cord
Output Connector Output 1 - connect battery. Output 2 - connect main unit.
Battery specification 12VDC 7.2 AH SMF Battery.
LED Indication Power on & Battery Backup: bi-colour (Green & Red) LED indication. Battery Charge Yellow LED Indication Low Battery Red LED Indication & Cutoff at 10.5V.
Dimension 132 mm(L) X 60 mm(W) X 35 mm(H)

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