Power Supplies for Access Control and Magnetic Lock- Option 2

  • 12VDC / 2.5Amp Battery Backup in Table Top
  • Input: 100VAC – 300VAC
  • Input 3 Pin Cord
  • Output 1- connect Battery 
  • Output 2- connect the main unit
  • A 12VDC/ 2.5 Amp Battery Backup in external battery model.
  • Also available in tabletop.
  • Input available in 3 Pin cord.
  • Also available in 2 output connects.
  • Output 1 – connects the battery, Output 2 – connects the main unit.
  • Also comes with multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Designed to provide all the power requirements for access control and magnetic lock.
  • Coms in a wide AC input range of 100 – 264VAC.
  • Also made to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.
Model No. MRE12a
Output Voltage 12VDC / 2.5 Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC – 300 VAC
Input Connector Input 3 Pin cord
Output Connector Output 1 - connect battery. Output 2 - connect main unit.
Battery specification 12VDC 7.2 AH SMF Battery.
LED Indication Power on & Battery Backup: bi-colour (Green & Red) LED indication. Battery Charge Yellow LED Indication Low Battery Red LED Indication & Cutoff at 10.5V.
Dimension 132 mm(L) X 60 mm(W) X 35 mm(H)


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