Rainproof Power Supply for CCTV – Option 1

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  • 12VDC/ 2.5A AC-DC
  • 100VAC – 300 VAC.
  • Input 2 pin Cord (Open Wire)
  • Output Open Wire or DC Jack
Rainproof Power Supply for CCTV – Option 1
  • A 12VDC/2.5Amp AC – DC rainproof power supply
  • Comes in a wide input range of 100VAC – 300VAC.
  • It has a 2 Pin cord (open wire) input available.
  • Also has an open wire or DC jack output.
  • Comes in a wall mounting bracket.
  • Also comes in LED indication for easy usage.


What is a rainproof power supply for CCTV, and why is it necessary?
A rainproof power supply for CCTV is a specialized power source designed to operate reliably in outdoor environments, even when exposed to rain or other harsh weather conditions. It is necessary to ensure uninterrupted power to outdoor surveillance cameras, preventing damage and downtime due to water exposure.

How does a rainproof power supply protect my CCTV cameras from rain and moisture?
Rainproof power supplies are typically housed in weatherproof enclosures with IP (Ingress Protection) ratings that indicate their resistance to water and dust. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection. These enclosures shield the internal components, such as transformers and connectors, from rain, moisture, and other environmental factors.

What should I consider when choosing a rainproof power supply for my CCTV system?
When selecting a rainproof power supply, consider factors like voltage and current requirements for your cameras, the number of cameras you need to power, the distance between the power supply and the cameras, and the specific environmental conditions at your installation site. Additionally, ensure that the power supply’s IP rating is suitable for the level of protection needed.

Can I use a regular power supply indoors for my outdoor CCTV cameras?
It is not recommended to use a regular indoor power supply for outdoor CCTV cameras because it may not provide the necessary protection against moisture and environmental elements. Using a rainproof power supply specifically designed for outdoor use is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your outdoor surveillance system.

How can I install and maintain a rainproof power supply for my CCTV system?
Proper installation is crucial for the effectiveness of rainproof power supplies. Ensure that all connections are watertight and secure, and mount the power supply in a sheltered location if possible. Regular maintenance includes inspecting for signs of wear or damage, checking cable connections, and cleaning any debris or dirt from the enclosure. Maintenance schedules may vary depending on the environmental conditions in your area, but a yearly check is a good practice to start with.

Model No. MRE27
Output Voltage 12VDC/ 2.5A AC-DC
Input Voltage 100VAC – 300 VAC.
Input Connector 2 pin Cord (Open Wire)
Output Connector Open Wire or DC Jack
LED Indication Power on LED Indication
Mounting Wall Mounting Bracket
Dimension 66mm(L) X 88mm(W) X 135mm(H)
Application CCTV

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