PTZ/ Speed Dome Camera Power supply- Option 1

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  • 24VAC/ 1Amp to 1.5Amp AC-AC power supply
  • Input 200VAC – 250VAC
  • Input 3 Pin cord
  • Power on the LED indication
PTZ/ Speed Dome Camera Power supply- Option 1
  • Available in a Metal cabinet
  • A 24VAC/ 1A to 1.5A AC-AC camera power supply
  • Has an Input of  3 Pin cord available.
  • Also has an Output of Open wire available.
  • Comes in a Wall mounting bracket
  • Also has LED indications for easy usage.
  • Designed to provide all the power requirements for CCTV.
  • Operates for a wider AC Input range of 200 – 250VAC
  • Also to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.
  • Designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable and cost-effective.
  • Also is compact in size and light in weight.



What is the purpose of a 24VAC 1Amp to 1.5Amp AC-AC power supply?
A 24VAC 1Amp to 1.5Amp AC-AC power supply is designed to convert incoming alternating current (AC) voltage to a stable 24-volt AC output with an adjustable current rating between 1 ampere and 1.5 amperes. It is commonly used to power various electronic and electrical devices.

How do I select the appropriate current setting for my application?
You can typically adjust the current output using a control or switch on the power supply itself. To determine the right current setting for your application, consult the device’s specifications or the manufacturer’s guidelines. Select a current rating that matches or slightly exceeds your device’s requirements.

What are some common applications for this type of power supply?
This power supply is often used in applications such as small electronic circuits, lighting systems, audio equipment, and low-power control systems where a reliable 24VAC power source is required.

Are there any safety considerations when using this power supply?
Safety is crucial when working with electrical devices. Make sure to follow standard electrical safety practices, such as proper grounding, avoiding overloading the power supply, and using appropriate fuses or circuit protection to prevent overcurrent situations. Always refer to the product manual for specific safety recommendations.

Can this power supply handle voltage fluctuations or surges?
The ability of the power supply to handle voltage fluctuations or surges depends on its design and specifications. Some models may include built-in protection mechanisms to safeguard against voltage spikes and surges, while others may require additional surge protection devices. It’s essential to check the product specifications and consider using surge protectors if necessary to protect sensitive equipment.

PTZ Dome Camera
Model No. MRE10
Output Voltage 24VAC / 1 Amp to 1.5Amp AC-AC
Input Voltage 200 VAC - 250 VAC
Input Connector 3 Pin cord
Output Connector Open wire
LED Indication Power on LED indication
Moulding Metal Cabinet
Mounting Wall Mounting
Dimension 85mm(L) X 61mm(W) X 60mm(H)

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