Power supplies for 8 CCTV – Option 1

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These power supplies are designed to provide all the power requirements for CCTV. They have been designed to operate for a wider AC Input range (100 – 300VAC) and to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions. They are designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost-effective, and compact in size, and light in weight.

8 Channel Power Supply CCTV – Option 1
  • 12 VDC / 4Amp to 5amp SMPS for 8 CCTV
  • Also available in a metal Cabinet.
  • Connection available- 1 Camera ON 1 terminal.
  • Also has an Output of 6 to 8 terminals available.
  • It has a preset voltage adjustment from 11V to 15V.
  • Also comes in a wide Input range of 100VAC – 300VAC.
  • Comes with a CCCV circuit with a wall mounting keyhole.
  • Also comes with an Input of 2 to 3 pin detachable cord available.
  • Comes with multiple LED indications for easy usage.
  • Also comes in an easy-to-use design with simple maintenance.


1. What is a 12VDC 4Amp to 5Amp SMPS for 8 CCTV cameras?
A 12VDC 4Amp to 5Amp SMPS is a power supply unit designed to provide a stable 12-volt DC output with a current capacity ranging from 4 to 5 amperes. This type of power supply is intended to power up to 8 Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras simultaneously.

2. What are the advantages of using a centralized power supply for multiple CCTV cameras?
Centralized power supplies simplify the installation process, reduce cable clutter, and improve system reliability by providing a single power source for multiple cameras. They also make maintenance and troubleshooting more manageable, as all power connections are consolidated in one location.

3. How should I connect and distribute power to the 8 channel power supply CCTV cameras using this SMPS unit?
Within the SMPS unit, there will typically be multiple output terminals or channels. Connect the input side of the SMPS to an AC power source, and then distribute the 12-volt DC power to each CCTV camera using suitable wiring and connectors. Ensure that the total current drawn by all cameras does not exceed the SMPS unit’s maximum capacity.

4. Is there any additional safety or surge protection needed when using this power supply for CCTV cameras?
Safety is paramount when working with electrical equipment. Proper grounding, appropriate wiring practices, and adherence to safety guidelines are essential. Additionally, consider implementing surge protection to safeguard against voltage spikes or electrical surges, which can potentially damage the CCTV cameras and the power supply.

5. What should I do if I need to expand my CCTV camera system beyond 8 cameras?
If you plan to expand your CCTV camera system beyond 8 cameras, you should consider upgrading to a higher-capacity SMPS unit or installing additional SMPS units to accommodate the increased power requirements. Ensure that the new or additional units are compatible with your system and that they are correctly wired and configured to provide the necessary power to all cameras.

6. What is an 8 channel power supply CCTV?
• An 8 channel power supply CCTV is designed to power multiple cameras.
• It has eight individual power outputs, allowing each camera to be powered separately.
• 8 channel power supply CCTV used in larger surveillance systems where several cameras are installed.
• Provides 8 channel power supply CCTV is a centralized power distribution, simplifying installation and management.
• Ensures stable power supply to all connected cameras for continuous surveillance.

CCTV Power Supply
Part Code MRE06
Output Voltage 12V
Feature Preset(11-15V Adjustment)
Input/Output Plug Input : 2 Pin or 3 Pin detachable cord Output: 8 Screw Terminals
Dimension L-150mm X w-105mm X H-40mm

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