Power supplies for 4 CCTV – Option 6

12 VDC  4 camera power supply

Input: 100VAC-300VAC

Input 2pin or 3pin optional

RED LED indicates the power ON

Power Supplies for 4 CCTV – Option 6
  • Connection – 1 Camera On 1 terminal or All Cameras ON any 1 terminal.
  • A 12V DC 4 camera power supply.
  • Also comes with a CCCV circuit and a  wall mounting keyhole.
  • Comes with an Input of 2 or 3 Pin optional available.
  • Also comes with an Output of 4 terminals for 4 cameras.
  • Comes with Red LED indication for power on.
  • Designed to provide all the power requirements for CCTV.
  • Also designed to operate for a wider AC Input range of 100 – 300VAC.
  • Made to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions.
  • Designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable and cost-effective.
  • Is also compact in size and light in weight.
CCTV Power Supply
Part Code MRE04e
Output Voltage 12V
Feature Preset(11-15V Adjustment) Casing : Plastic
Input/Output Plug Input : 2 Pin or 3 Pin detachable cord Output: 4 Screw Terminals
Dimension L-132mm X w-62mm X H-35mm


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