12V 2A Power Adapter for Weighing scale

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Small size switch with wide-voltage input and accurate stabilivolt. Provides multi-protection against over-loading, over-current, short-circuit, and over-heating. This power adapter for weighing scales is highly efficient, reliable and durable.

12V 2A Power Adapter for Weighing scale
  • BIS Approved adaptors for Weighing Scales
  • These MRE_WGS series is a family of close-frame ac-dc power supplies.
  • Designed to provide power requirements for an application of medical appliances from 12W to 24W.
  • This power adapter for weighing scale provides multi-protection against over-voltage and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit and over-heating.
  • This power adapter for weighing scales is of high efficiency and long life.
  • It also provides great stability.
  • Comes in a wide input range of AC100-275V.
  • It also provides accurate stabilivolt.


What is the purpose of a 12V 2A power adapter for a weighing scale?
A 12V 2A power adapter is designed to provide the necessary electrical power to operate a weighing scale. It ensures that the scale functions properly, including displaying accurate measurements and powering any associated features.

Can I use a power adapter with a lower amperage rating, such as 12V 1A, for my weighing scale?
It’s generally not recommended to use a power adapter with a lower amperage rating than what your weighing scale requires. Using an adapter with insufficient current may result in the scale not working correctly or even damage to the scale.

Are 12V 2A power adapters standardized, or do I need to purchase one specifically designed for my weighing scale?
While 12V 2A power adapters are relatively common, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with your specific weighing scale model. Pay attention to connector types, polarity, voltage, and amperage to ensure a proper match.

How can I determine if a 12V 2A power adapter is compatible with my weighing scale?
To confirm compatibility, consult your weighing scale’s user manual or specifications for the recommended power adapter details. Check for any markings or labels on your existing adapter to find a suitable replacement with the same voltage and amperage.

Can I use a 12V 2A power adapter for other electronic devices, such as routers or modems?
A 12V 2A power adapter is specifically designed for use with weighing scales. It’s not recommended to use it for other electronic devices unless those devices also require a 12V 2A power supply. Using the wrong adapter for other devices may lead to compatibility issues or damage. Always use the appropriate adapter specified for each electronic device.

Power Adapters
Model No. MRE_WGS12020
Pins 2/3
Input Voltage AC100-275V
Input Frequencey 47-63Hz
Output Voltage 12V
Output Current 2A
Output Power 24W
AC Plug Integrated 2 Pin Integrated 3 Pin
DC Plug 1.25mt with 2.1/5.5mm pin 1.25mt with2.5/5.5mm pin
Inrush Current 75A
Efficiency ˃ 84%
Operating Temperature -0ºC~ + 40ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC~ + 85ºC

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