Printer Power Adapter – 24V 3A

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Small size switch with wide-voltage input and accurate stabilivolt. Provides multi-protection against over-loading, over-current, short-circuit, and over-heating. This printer power adapter is highly efficient, reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

24V 3A Printer Power Adapter
  • These MRE Printer Power adapters are of24V 3A, ac-dc power supplies.
  • Designed to provide power requirements for an application of Printers from 48W to 96W.
  • This printer power adapter provides multi-protection against over-voltage and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit, and over-heating.
  • A small-sized switch with a wide input range of AC 100 – 275V.
  • Also provides accurate stabilivolt.
  • This printer power adapter is of high efficiency and long-lasting.
  • It also provides great stability.
  • Comes in an easy-to-use design and also has simple maintainance.


What is the purpose of a Printer Power Adapter with a 24V 3A rating?
A Printer Power Adapter rated at 24V 3A is designed to provide the necessary electrical power to operate compatible printers. It ensures a stable 24-volt output with a maximum current capacity of 3 amps to meet the printer’s power requirements.

Can I use a different power adapter with the same voltage (24V) for my printer if I don’t have the original adapter?
It is recommended to use the specified Printer Power Adapter with your printer. Even if the voltage matches, using an incompatible adapter could result in damage to your printer or unreliable performance. Always use the recommended power supply.

How do I determine if this 24V 3A adapter is compatible with my printer model?
To ensure compatibility, check your printer’s specifications, and confirm that it requires a 24V 3A power adapter. Consult the printer’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for precise information about compatible power supplies.

Can I use this 24V 3A adapter for other electronic devices, such as routers or monitors?
This adapter is specifically designed for printers and may not be suitable for other electronic devices. Using it with incompatible devices can lead to damage or malfunction. Always use the appropriate power adapter for each device.

Is this 24V 3A Printer Power Adapter safe to use in regions with varying voltage standards or electrical fluctuations?
These adapters are often designed to handle some voltage fluctuations, but it’s advisable to use additional surge protection equipment, especially in regions with unstable power supplies. Surge protectors can help safeguard your printer and adapter from voltage spikes or surges.

Power Adapters
Model No. MRE_PNT24030
Pins 2/3
Input Voltage AC100-275V
Input Frequencey 47-63Hz
Output Voltage 24V
Output Current 3A
Output Regulation ± 5%
AC Plug 2 Pin / 3 Pin
DC Plug 1.25mt with 2.1/5.5mm pin 1.25mt with2.5/5.5mm pin
Inrush Current 75A
Efficiency ˃ 84%
Operating Temperature -0ºC~ + 40ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC~ + 85ºC

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