DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter

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Small size switch with wide-voltage input and accurate stabilivolt. Multi-protection against over-loading, over-current, short-circuit, and over-heating.

DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter
  • DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter – BIS-Approved
  • A small-sized switch with wide-voltage input.
  • Also comes with an accurate stabilivolt.
  • This power adapter provides multi-protection against over-loading and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit and over-heating.
  • 100% over-loading aging test guaranteed.
  • High efficiency, Long life, and also provides great stability.
  • Easy to use with nice design and simple maintenance.


What is a DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter, and what is its purpose?
A DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter is a power supply device designed to convert AC (alternating current) electricity from a wall outlet into DC (direct current) electricity at 48 volts and 2 amperes. Its purpose is to provide power to various electronic devices, typically those with specialized voltage requirements, that require a 48V DC power source.

Can I use a DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter for devices that require less than 2 amps of current?
Yes, you can safely use a DC 48V-2A adapter for devices that require less than 2 amps. The adapter’s output current rating (2A) is its maximum capability, and it will only supply as much current as the connected device requires. Using an adapter with a higher ampere rating than needed is generally acceptable, but avoid using an adapter with a lower rating as it may not provide sufficient power.

Is it safe to leave a DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter plugged in continuously?
Yes, it is generally safe to leave the adapter plugged in continuously, especially if it is powering a device designed for continuous operation. However, you may choose to unplug the adapter when the device is not in use for an extended period to conserve energy and reduce electrical consumption.

What should I do if my DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter becomes hot during use?
While it’s normal for an adapter to become slightly warm during operation, excessive heat can indicate a problem. If the adapter becomes very hot, disconnect it from both the power source and the connected device immediately. Allow it to cool down and inspect it for any visible damage or signs of overheating. If the issue persists, contact the manufacturer for guidance or consider replacing the adapter to prevent potential hazards.

Can I use a DC 48V-2A Desktop Power Adapter with devices that have a different voltage requirement, such as 24V or 12V?
No, you should not use a 48V adapter with devices that have a different voltage requirement. Using an adapter with the wrong voltage can damage the device and pose safety risks. Always match the voltage and current specifications of the adapter with the requirements specified by the device manufacturer. If you need to power devices with different voltage requirements, use the appropriate adapters for each device.

Power Adapters
Pins 3
Input Voltage AC100-275V
Input Frequencey 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 48V
Output Current 2A
Output Power 96W
Output Regulation ± 5%
AC Plug integrated 3 Pin
DC Plug i) 2.5mm x 5.5mm pin ii)2.1mm x 5.5mm iii)1.35mm x 3.5mm
Operating Temperature -0ºC~ + 40ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC~ + 85ºC

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