Battery Backup Power Supply – 24VDC/10A

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Multi-protection against over-loading,over-current, short-circuit, and over-heating.

Battery Backup Power Supply – 24V DC / 10A.
  • Voltage Output available – 24VDC / 10A.
  • Input Voltage available – 100VAC – 275VAC.
  • Input and Output connector – screw terminal.
  • Wall mounting bracket.
  • LED indication available.
  • A small-sized switch with wide-voltage input.
  • Also comes in an accurate stabilivolt.
  • This power supply provides multi-protection against over-loading and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit and over-heating.
  • 100% over-loading aging test guaranteed.
  • High efficiency, Long life, and also provides great stability.
  • Easy to use with nice design and also has simple maintenance.


What is a 24VDC/10A Battery Backup Power Supply, and what is its primary purpose?
A 24VDC/10A Battery Backup Power Supply is a device designed to provide backup electrical power at 24 volts DC with a current capacity of 10 amperes. Its primary purpose is to ensure uninterrupted power to critical systems or devices during power outages or fluctuations, helping to maintain their operation.

What types of devices or systems can benefit from a 24VDC/10A Battery Backup Power Supply?
This type of power supply is versatile and can benefit various applications, including security systems, access control, CCTV cameras, emergency lighting, telecommunications equipment, and other devices that require a stable 24VDC power source.

How long can a 24VDC/10A Battery Backup Power Supply typically provide backup power during an outage?
The backup runtime of the power supply depends on factors like the load (power consumption of connected devices) and the capacity of the connected batteries. To determine the exact runtime for your specific setup, you’ll need to calculate the load and compare it to the battery’s capacity. Manufacturers often provide estimated runtimes based on different load levels in their product specifications.

Is it possible to expand the backup runtime of this power supply by adding more batteries?
Yes, you can often extend the backup runtime by adding additional batteries if the power supply is designed to support battery expansion. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider the compatibility of the batteries with the power supply.

What safety and protection features should I look for when choosing a 24VDC/10A Battery Backup Power Supply?
When selecting a power supply, consider safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal protection. These safeguards help prevent damage to the connected devices and ensure safe and reliable operation during power disturbances.

Model No. MRE16f
Output Voltage 24VDC/10Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC-275VAC
Input Connector Screw Terminal
Output Connector Screw Terminal
LED Indication
Mounting Wall Mounting Bracket
Dimension 181 mm(L) X 131 mm(W) X 55 mm(H)

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