ATM Machine Power Supply

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Small size switch with wide-voltage input and accurate stabilivolt; Multi-protection against over-loading,over-current, short-circuit, and over-heating.

ATM Machine Power Supply
  • DC 24V-2.62A ATM Machine Power Supply
  • BIS Approved power adapter.
  • A small-sized switch with wide-voltage input and also comes with accurate stabilivolt.
  • This power adapter provides multi-protection against over-loading and over-current.
  • It also provides protection against short-circuit and over-heating.
  • 100% over-loading aging test guaranteed.
  • High efficiency, Long life, and also provides great stability.
  • Easy to use with nice design and simple maintenance.


What is a DC 24V-2.62A ATM machine power supply, and what is its primary function?
A DC 24V-2.62A ATM machine power supply is an electrical device designed to provide a specific voltage (24 volts) and current (2.62 amperes) to power an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Its primary function is to convert the input voltage from a standard power source into the precise DC voltage and current required to operate the ATM.

Can I use a different power supply with my ATM machine if it matches the voltage but has a slightly different current rating?
It’s generally not recommended to use a power supply with a different current rating than the specified one for your ATM machine. Using a power supply with a lower current rating may result in insufficient power to operate all of the ATM’s components, leading to malfunctions or failures. Conversely, using a power supply with a significantly higher current rating may risk damaging the ATM’s sensitive electronics.

How do I know if my ATM machine’s power supply adapter is compatible with DC 24V-2.62A specifications?
To ensure compatibility, you should check the label or specifications of the power supply adapter provided by the ATM manufacturer. It should clearly indicate that it supplies DC voltage at 24V and has a current rating of 2.62A. Using the correct and manufacturer-approved power supply adapter is crucial to avoid operational issues.

What safety precautions should I follow when installing or replacing a DC 24V-2.62A ATM machine power supply?
When working with the ATM machine’s power supply, it’s essential to prioritize safety:

Ensure that the ATM is powered off and disconnected from the electrical source before installing or replacing the power supply.
Handle the power supply and cables with care to prevent damage or short circuits.
Double-check the polarity of the connector to ensure proper alignment when connecting the power supply to the ATM.
Regularly inspect the power supply and cables for signs of wear or damage, and replace them if needed.

What should I do if my DC 24V-2.62A ATM machine power supply malfunctions or fails?
If your ATM machine’s power supply adapter experiences issues or stops working, it’s essential to replace it promptly. Contact your ATM manufacturer or an authorized service provider to obtain a replacement power supply that matches the specifications (24V, 2.62A) of your ATM model. Avoid using incompatible substitutes, as they can lead to ATM malfunctions or damage.

Power Adapters
Model No. MRE16A
Pins 3
Input Voltage AC100-275V
Input Frequencey 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 24V
Output Current 2.6A
Output Power 62W
AC Plug integrated 3 Pin
DC Plug 1.25mt with 2.1/5.5mm pin 1.25mt with2.5/5.5mm pin
Operating Temperature -0ºC~ + 40ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC~ + 85ºC

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