Din Rail Power Supply- CCTV- Option 2

Power protection – Output over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection

Din Rail Power Supply- CCTV

MRE DIN rail power supply is a switched-mode power supply that converts an unstabilized input voltage into a regulated output voltage. Switched-mode power supplies are characterized by their significantly higher efficiency and lower weight as well as a more compact design than linearly regulated power supplies (transformers).

Mounting Type
Model No. MRE28a
Output Voltage 12VDC / 4Amp to 5Amp
Input Voltage 100VAC – 275VAC
Input Connector 3 Pin Cord on LNE.
Output Connector Output 1 Terminal
LED Indication Green LED indicates power ON RED LED indicates OVER LOAD Please reduce the load if RED LED glows.
Mounting Din Rail
Feature CCCV Circuit
Dimension 126mm(L) X 77mm(W) X 50mm(H).


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