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Redundant Power Supply

The word redundant means twice or doubled or backed up if one power supply fails the other will pick up or start automatically.
Option 2
1. 12VDC / 5 to 7Amp for 8 CCTV Cameras in Metal Cabinet.
2. Input : 100VAC – 300 VAC.
3. 11V – 15V (Preset to adjust Voltage depending upon cable length).
4. CCCV Circuit Current Limit at 5.7 Amp.
5. Input Connect 3 Pin cord on LNE.
6. LED Indications :-
a) Green LED indicates Power ON, RED LED indicates OVERLOAD, Please reduce the load if RED LED glows.
b) 2 RED LED's given when connected both the LED's will glow in
case of failure of 1 power supply 1 LED will switch off.
7. If Input voltage increases above 300 VAC power supply will switch off & when input voltage drops to 275VAC or below, it will restart.
8. Wall Mounting Bracket.
9. 157mm(L) X 131mm(W) X 60mm (H).