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Power Supply

Option 4
1. 12VDC/10 to 12Amp Smps in Metal Cabinet.
2. Input: 100VAC – 300VAC.
3. 11V – 15V (Preset to adjust Voltage depending upon cable length).
4. CCCV Circuit Current Limit at 10.5 Amp.
5. Input Connect 3 Pin Cord On LNE.
6. Output 4 Terminal.
7. Green LED indicates power ON RED LED indicates OVER LOAD Please reduce the load if RED LED glows.
8. If Input voltage increase above 300 VAC power supply will switch off & when input voltage drops to 275VAC or below, it will restart.
9. Wall Mounting Bracket.
10. 170 mm (L) X 103 mm (W) X 70 mm (H).